Emmie-Louise was diagnosed with speech and understanding difficulties at the age of 3 as she was not ticking the boxes which all children are supposed to!  Sam was recommended to my mother by a friend who had been having treatments for many years at his Peterborough clinic.

I did not know what to expect as the dealings I had had with the county psychologist had been very distressing and unsatisfactory.

Sam asked me a few questions about Emmie-Louise, how she was, any health problems and then set to work.  I sat there in silence and watched as Sam sat quietly with his hands on Emmie-Louise’s head occasionally stamping his feet or snapping his fingers.  After the treatment Sam told me straight away that Emmie-Louise’s temporal lobes and central nervous system had not been functioning properly, this meant that the information was feeding into her lobes but was not following the outward path as would normally happen, hence the tantrums and frustration.

We had to take her for fortnightly treatments over the next 6 weeks.  We started to see a difference in her after these treatments.  It was not miraculous, but steady and small changes, but she did not get as frustrated as she had when she tried to explain herself.  Then treatments then extended to one every 6 weeks now she has a top-up treatment once every 3 months.
We have been coming to the Children’s Clinic, since Sam set it up, for Emmie-Louise’s top-up treatments which she especially needs after a growth spurt.  I give a donation towards the treatment as much or as little as I can afford at that time.

Emmie-Louise is now an intelligent and very lively 8 year old with an inquisitive nature.  Her speech is sometimes a little garbled, but we get her to stop and think and she re-phrases what she has said.  The progress she has made over the last 5 years is immense and she is able to keep up at school with help, which we hope will not always be needed as she continues to improve.  If it had not been for Sam getting to the root of her problems I hate to think what sort of state she would be in now.  She is an extremely active young lady, dancing, swimming and learning to play the violin and piano.

We asked Sam if he would check our younger daughter, Robyn, to see if she had similar problems.  He discovered that Robyn had a problem with her spine which had not been picked up by our G.P.  She has a short treatment with him every time her sister is treated and any on going problems are sorted out.  At the last treatment her hips were out of alignment, but were soon back in place after a few minutes of non-manipulative, non-invasive treatment, which is amazing to see.

Kathryn & James Fraser